OCTOBER 17, 2019

In an overwhelmed world, we crave spaces to rest amidst the turmoil. Spaces to meditate. Spaces that encourage us to slow down, look inward, outward and forward.

Join us for an immersive night of reflection curated by Remnants Collaborative Arts at a home at the top of a valley in Golden, CO. The evening will feature the current Remnants collaboration:

the visual art of Jeremy Grant and the performance of a new musical composition by Matthew Langford performed by members of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra and other local professional musicians. Light, fall-inspired refreshments including hot cider will be provided.

Guests are welcome to bring an additional beverage to enjoy.

An artist panel / Q&A will follow the performance. 

The exact house address will be included in your ticket receipt email.


Tickets are no longer being sold.

Reach out to us if you would like more info! 

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